“For years I never took any photographs of myself. One reason, is I just did not like the way I looked. My husband has always told me how beautiful he thinks I am. I never considered my looks too much. Hardly ever took my photograph. A number of years ago I lost an on-line friend. She made a point of taking photographs of herself and her children all the time. It hit me after she was gone. What do I have for my children if I was not here any longer myself? How would they remember me. Do I want my daughters to believe me when I tell them that I think they are beautiful!! So yes, scrapbooking has helped me have more confidence in myself and my looks too. I make a point of doing selfies and then journaling what I’m feeling at that time. After all I want my children to remember who I was. Above being their mother I am a wife to my best friend, a daughter, a sister, have myself girlfriends. And I’m at that point in my life when my children are all growing up and I am also their friend. They don’t always see me as just their mother. And that feels so wonderful! Yes, with age comes confidence in yourself and at time when I look in the mirror I also feel beautiful!”

Supply List:
Glitz – Cashmere Dame Element 1 & 2
Glitz – Cashmere Dame Element Paper
Other: Creashens P&Co., Extraordinary kit (tape and Diamond), Juan Carlos and fifi kit (photo corners), Bliss kit (ribbon), Hello kit (alpha and hello stamp), Lynne-Marie Design Lily Pad, Press Play No.2 (template)


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